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Forklift Replacement Parts: Should I Use OEM VS. Aftermarket Parts?

When you’re managing a forklift fleet, uptime is your main focus. Forklift fleet managers see the big picture of their forklifts and their impact on...

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Do You Know How to Read a Forklift Data Plate?

Your forklift’s data plate (also known as a nameplate) provides essential information about the truck’s capabilities and limitations. Every forklift...

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Forklift Chain Replacement: 6 Signs Your Mast Chain May Fail

There are accidents, and then there are incidents. Accidents are often the results of carelessness: a forklift operator gets too close to a rack and...

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8 Frequently-Replaced Clark Forklift Parts To Keep On Hand

Forklift parts are a little harder to get these days due to shipping delays and supply shortages caused by COVID-19. Avoid unnecessary downtime by...

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Forklift Extensions: What You Need to Know

Forklift extensions, also known as fork extenders or long lifts, temporarily make your forks longer. Many industries use forklift extensions...

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