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Forklift Attachments

Popular Forklift Attachments: #4 Bale Clamps

For our fourth article about the most popular forklift attachments, we’re taking a side trip to talk about bale clamps. Unlike fork positioners and ...

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Popular Forklift Attachments: #3 Fork Positioner

Ever wished for more hours in the day? A fork positioner attachment is the next-best thing. 

Most people know what a fork positioner does (the name...

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Popular Forklift Attachments: #2 Barrel Grabbers and Drum Clamps

Ever seen a forklift grab a 55-gallon drum?  With an attachment, of course...

For our second article about the most popular forklift attachments,...

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Most Popular Forklift Attachments: #1 Side Shifter

What do material handling operations and NASCAR pit crews have in common? If you work in a warehouse or distribution center, the answer is obvious....

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Forklift Extensions: What You Need to Know

Forklift extensions, also known as fork extenders or long lifts, temporarily make your forks longer. Many industries use forklift extensions...

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Do I Need a Forklift Attachment?

You know your forklift like an old friend. But friends - and forklifts - have limitations. Like the day you realized that friend didn’t have your...

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