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5 Things a COMBiLift Can Do That Other Forklifts Can’t

COMBiLift is the world’s largest manufacturer of multi-directional and articulated forklifts. Their nimble, indoor/outdoor forklifts are designed to handle long and awkward loads in close confines.

Here are five things COMBiLift can do other...

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What Are Rough Terrain Forklifts?

Different operations and situations call for different types of forklifts, so when someone comes in looking to purchase one, there is no “standard”...

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Popular Forklift Attachments: #4 Bale Clamps

For our fourth article about the most popular forklift attachments, we’re taking a side trip to talk about bale clamps. Unlike fork positioners and ...

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Popular Forklift Attachments: #3 Fork Positioner

Ever wished for more hours in the day? A fork positioner attachment is the next-best thing. 

Most people know what a fork positioner does (the name...

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Forklift Replacement Parts: Should I Use OEM VS. Aftermarket Parts?

When you’re managing a forklift fleet, uptime is your main focus. Forklift fleet managers see the big picture of their forklifts and their impact on...

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5 Signs it's Time to Call a Dock Leveler Repair Technician

Loading docks are often overlooked when considering equipment maintenance. However, poorly maintained dock levelers will not last as long, and any...

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10 Reasons You’ll Love the New Electric Toyota DockStocker Forklift

What if you could increase your warehouse productivity, raise your safety standards, and get a better ROI simultaneously? You can buy new electric...

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Popular Forklift Attachments: #2 Barrel Grabbers and Drum Clamps

Ever seen a forklift grab a 55-gallon drum?  With an attachment, of course...

For our second article about the most popular forklift attachments,...

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Do You Know How to Read a Forklift Data Plate?

Your forklift’s data plate (also known as a nameplate) provides essential information about the truck’s capabilities and limitations. Every forklift...

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The Komatsu BX50 Forklift Product Review

Komatsu is a name synonymous with quality and reliability. And we’re excited to announce that the brand’s BX50 series - a unique internal combustion...

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